Our Service

Advocacy & Awareness campaigns

We bravely propel future-minded thinking by tackling subjects and topics that are current. We promote activism and advocacy with a view to driving critical diversity and equality in society.

Photography & Multimedia

We offer a wide range of Photography from editorial, documentary to Commercial Photography.
We also source and manage local experts in Photography, Video, Online publishing to help you tell stories that make a difference. We are flexible to work with you in a convenient way that suits you. Contact us to find out how we can help you make an impact through exceptional storytelling and unique communications strategies.

Media Training

We specialize in the ever-evolving digital landscape and offer a range of Communication training and workshops that help brands and organizations stay relevant. You don’t need to have expensive equipment, so from photography to video and media training, there is a workshop tailored to your needs.
Our clients in this area include Institutes of higher education, cultural centers, NGO, Government, and private companies. Simply email us for more details.

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